• RNAi

    Our RNAi products encompass the most complete portfolio of innovative tools for transient, long-term, inducible and in vivo RNAi applications.

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    Custom RNA Synthesis

    Design, order, and learn more about custom siRNA, single-stranded RNA, and microRNA products. Use our free, online siRNA design tool or specify your own sequences.

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    Solaris qPCR expression assays

    Pre-designed Solaris qPCR expression assays and master mixes.

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    cDNAs and ORFs can be used to overexpress particular genes of interest. Choose from individual clones, lentiviral ORFs, and genome-scale libraries.

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    GENEius Product Search

    Search for and order siRNA, microRNA, shRNA, qPCR, cDNA and ORF products based on genes and pathways of interest.

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