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    Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Knockout, CRISPRa, and HDR Products

    Optimized tools for high-confidence genome engineering

    The Dharmacon Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9 platform provides predesigned, ready-to-use DNA and RNA components to enable rapid and highly functional gene editing experiments.

    • Higher assurance of functional knockout or transcriptional activation from predesigned genomewide guide RNAs
    • Improve expression of dCas9-VPR or Cas9 nuclease by choosing an optimal promoter for your cell type
    • High-quality synthetic and lentiviral reagents to meet every experimental need
    • Licensed from the Broad Institute as provider of CRISPR reagents for research use

    Synthetic Guide RNA

    • Edit-R predesigned crRNA

      Algorithm-optimized crRNA for genome-wide coverage of human, mouse, or rat genes. Modifications for nuclease resistance improve DNA-free editing. Simply search for your gene!

    • Edit-R CRISPRa synthetic crRNA

      Offering coverage of the human and mouse genomes, these synthetic RNAs are modified for nuclease resistance and available as pools of four or individual crRNA reagents.

    • Edit-R tracrRNA

      Edit-R trans-activating CRISPR RNA (tracrRNA) is synthetic, HPLC-purified, long RNA required for use with Edit-R crRNA to form the complex that programs Cas9 nuclease. It is modified for nuclease resistance and can be used with modified or unmodified Edit-R crRNA.

    • Edit-R Synthetic sgRNA

      Custom synthetic 100-mer single guide RNA, input your own design or use our flexible design tools

    • Edit-R Synthetic Positive crRNA Controls and Detection Primers

      Species-specific crRNAs targeting well-characterized genes, as well as mismatch detection assay primers, to determine the effectiveness of your gene editing conditions for maximal efficiency.

    • Edit-R Synthetic crRNA Non-targeting Controls

      Non-targeting controls to evaluate cellular responses to CRISPR-Cas9 components in the absence of gene target-specific crRNA.

    • Edit-R CRISPRa Positive crRNA Controls

      Pooled or individual crRNA controls for assessment of optimal experimental conditions for gene activation.

    • Edit-R CRISPRa Non-targeting crRNA Controls

      Non-targeting controls to evaluate cellular responses to CRISPRa components in the absence of gene target-specific crRNA.

    • Edit-R crRNA Libraries

      Pre-defined collections of popular gene families and pathways for high-throughput applications.

    • Cherry-pick libraries

      Have a favorite gene list? Customize and order plates of predesigned crRNA for knockout studies in your targets of interest.

    Lentiviral Guide RNA

    Vector-based Cas9 Nuclease

    • Edit-R Cas9 Nuclease Expression Reagents

      Non-lentiviral vectors provided as endotoxin-free purified DNA for direct co-transfection with Edit-R synthetic crRNA and tracrRNA.

    • Edit-R Lentiviral Cas9 Nuclease reagents

      Purified lentiviral particles or plasmid DNA for generation of stable Cas9 nuclease-expressing cell populations. Constitutive or inducible promoter options are available.

    • Edit-R dCas9-VPR

      Lentiviral particles or purified plasmid that express nuclease-deactivated Cas9 fused to transcriptional activators. When complexed with a guide RNA will trigger an endogenous gene’s expression.

    DNA-free Cas9 Nuclease

    Custom Guide RNA Design & Ordering Tools

    • CRISPR Design Tool

      Place a custom guide RNA order, or design and order your own synthetic sgRNA, crRNA, or lentiviral sgRNA with our easy-to-use interface.

    HDR Donor Template Design & Ordering Tools

    HDR Donor Template Kits



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