EST cDNA Clones

Expressed-sequence tags (ESTs) are partially-sequenced cDNA clones that have been identified as containing all or part of a specific gene.
Expressed-sequence tags (ESTs) are cDNA sequences that have been sequenced from either the 5’ or 3’ ends. They may contain all or part of a particular cDNA coding sequence, and are useful for identifying unknown genes, mapping their positions within a genome, and as a potential source for genetic material when a full-length cDNA is not available for a specific gene of interest.

    EST cDNA collections from the I.M.A.G.E. Consortium include clones from human, mouse, rat, and bovine sources.

  • IMAGE Synthesized ORFs

    IMAGE Synthesized ORFs are synthesized human and mouse open reading frame (ORF) constructs created by the I.M.A.G.E. Consortium and cloned into Gateway-entry vectors.

  • Human Cystic Fibrosis EST cDNA

    EST cDNA libraries from human lung tissue, cystic fibrosis (CF), and non-CF epithelia.

  • Human Eye EST cDNA Collection

    The Human Eye EST cDNA Collection contains a large number of expressed sequence tag (EST) cDNA clones derived from human eye tissue.

  • Mouse BMAP EST cDNA

    BMAP EST cDNAs and libraries are intended for studying gene expression in the adult mouse nervous system. The BMAP collection represents cDNAs from 10 regions of adult mouse brain, spinal cord, and retina.

  • Mouse NIA EST cDNAs

    Pursue gene expression studies to better understand the biology of aging. Choose from over 22,000 mouse EST cDNA clones provided by the National Institute of Aging (NIA).

  • Mouse Organ of Corti EST cDNA

    The Mouse Organ of Corti cDNA collection was constructed to analyze molecular profiles characteristic of the onset of hearing and consists of ~26,000 EST cDNA clones derived from mouse organ of Corti tissue.

  • National Eye Institute NEIBank EST cDNAs

    Evaluate biological pathways and disease states of the visual system with EST cDNAs from the National Eye Institute's NEIBank.

  • University of Iowa EST cDNA

    The University of Iowa Rat EST cDNA Clone collection contains over 150,000 rat Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) clones generated from adult and embryonic rat tissues.


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