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EBT3996, ECN4010, EHS1001, EHS1015, EHS1019, EHS1020, EHS1031, EHS1193, EHS1194, EMM1002, EMM1005, EMM1006, EMM1018, EMM1030, EMM1032, EMM1147, EMM1212, EMM1213, EMM1384, EMM3836, EMM3837, EOC4011, ERM1145, ERN1016, ERN1017, ERN1146, ERN1184, EUI1044, OHS4464, OHS4766, OMM4767

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IMAGE Bos taurus EST cDNA clone
EBT3996 glycerol stock - $72.00select
ERN1146 glycerol stock - $72.00select
IMAGE Rhesus Monkey EST cDNA
ERM1145 glycerol stock - $72.00select
IMAGE Human EST cDNA clone
EHS1001 glycerol stock - $72.00select
EMM1002 glycerol stock - $72.00select
IMAGE Mouse Lymphochip EST cDNA
EMM1005 glycerol stock - $72.00select
IMAGE Human Glioma-related EST cDNA Collection
EHS1015 glycerol stock - $5,802.00select
IMAGE Mouse Lymphochip EST cDNA Collection
EMM1006 glycerol stock - Inquireselect
IMAGE Mouse Pancreas EST cDNA Collection
EMM1030 glycerol stock - $7,101.00select
The I.M.A.G.E. (The Integrated Molecular Analysis of Genomes and their Expression) Consortium was initiated to create and share libraries of complementary (cDNA) clones.


  • Extensive source for cDNA and EST clones
  • cDNAs derived from human, mouse, rat, and bovine tissue
  • Potential applications include genome-mapping, novel gene identification, and sources of novel cDNAs

Why full-insert sequencing is important

  1. EST (expressed sequence tag) clones are not all fully sequenced, only a portion of the cDNA has been sequenced.
  2. Without full-insert sequencing, it is impossible to know whether a clone contains SNPs, alternative splice variants, insertions, or deletions.
  3. Because these EST clones are not fully sequenced, we cannot guarantee clone content.

Baross A et al systematic recovery and analysis of full-ORF human cDNA clones. Genome research 14, 2083 - 2092.


Dharmacon is a distributor of multiple gene expression clone collections (cDNAs and ORFs). These clone collections were generated by groups outside of Dharmacon and thus the quality of the collections is largely dependent upon what Dharmacon received from these groups. Specific clone information and plate coordinates were provided to Dharmacon by the suppliers of these clone collections. Dharmacon has not sequence verified each individual clone from these collections. These collections and individual clones are distributed "as is" with no additional product validation or guarantees. Dharmacon has established quality procedures to ensure that individual clones are picked from the identified well in a plate, grown on the correct antibiotic, and are free of phage contamination. Due to the quality of the information provided to Dharmacon, the clone you receive might not match the expected clone. If this occurs, please contact Technical Support.

Shipping ConditionAmbient,Dry Ice
Stability at Recommended Storage ConditionsAt least 12 months
Storage Condition-80 C


  1. Hillier et al., Generation and analysis of 280,000 human expressed sequence tags. Genome Res. 6(9), 807–828 (September 1996).
  2. Lennont et al., The I.M.A.G.E. Consortium: An integrated molecular analysis of genomes and their expression. Genomics. 33(1), 151–152 (1 April 1996).

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