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    CRISPRa for Transcriptional Activation

    Synthetic & lentiviral reagents for endogenous gene overexpression

    Dharmacon Edit-R CRISPR activation (CRISPRa) reagents provide a straightforward, efficient set of tools to study a gene’s function by overexpression in its native context. Our predesigned reagents for human and mouse genes make it easy!

    CRISPR-Cas9 is not only for creating genomic double strand breaks, it can also be used to target promoter regions to activate or inhibit transcription. Using a deactivated or dead Cas9 nuclease fused to transcription activators, like dCas9-VPR, in combination with a guide RNA in either a synthetic or lentiviral format, the endogenous expression of a gene can be up-regulated by anywhere from 5 to 50,000+ fold!

    Explore our CRISPRa products for transcriptional activation

    Edit-R CRISPRa products may be combined in several ways to support your particular experimental needs. Whether you’re doing co-transfection or creating a stable dCas9-VPR cell line (recommended), choose from our synthetic RNA, lentiviral particles, or glycerol stock (plasmid) sgRNA, and combine with dCas9-VPR plasmid or lentiviral particles.

    Resources for CRISPR Activation


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