Gene Editing - HDR Donor Templates

HDR Donor Templates

Synthetic single-strand DNA oligonucleotides (ssDNA oligos) or DNA plasmid donor templates for precise genomic modification with the homology-directed repair (HDR) pathway.

CRISPR guide RNAs program Cas9 nuclease to cut genomic DNA at a specific location. Once the double-strand break (DSB) occurs, the mammalian cell utilizes endogenous mechanisms to repair the DSB. In the presence of a donor DNA, either a ssDNA oligo or a plasmid donor, the DSB can be repaired precisely using HDR resulting in a desired genomic alteration (insertion, removal, or replacement).

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Homology-directed repair (HDR) relies on the presence of a donor template with sufficient homology to the regions flanking the cut site. The length of the homology arms and the type of donor (ssDNA oligo or plasmid) will depend on the type and size of precise modification being made. Figure 1 illustrates the use of a donor oligo for insertion of a short DNA region, such as a tag or a restriction site. Go to the Edit-R HDR Donor Designer to see how easy it is to customize a donor oligo!

For larger insertions, such as a fluorescent marker, a donor plasmid template is required, with appropriately longer homology arms to support efficient recombination. The Edit-R HDR DNA Plasmid donor kit along with the Edit-R HDR Donor Designer make the process of designing and assembling a donor plasmid quick and straightforward.

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