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Human Eye EST cDNA Collection

The Human Eye EST cDNA Collection contains a large number of expressed sequence tag (EST) cDNA clones derived from human eye tissue.
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Gene IDThe Gene ID is a unique identifying number for each gene in the RefSeq database and tends to be the most stable gene identifier.
  • 672
  • 22421
Accession NumberAccession Numbers are identifiers for a sequence record. The preferred accession numbers for RNAi products are found in the Reference Sequence (RefSeq) database, a non-redundant, curated, and annotated collection of sequence records for major model organisms. RefSeq accession numbers for mRNA begin with the characters NM_ or XM_ followed by six or nine digits. For gene expression products, the GenBank accession number for the clone can also be used for more specific search results.
  • NM_001798
  • NM_001170537
  • BC068303
Gene SymbolThe Gene Symbol can be the official or alternate symbol as displayed on NCBI Gene.
  • BRCA1
  • CDK1
  • CTNNB1
Gene DescriptionThe Gene Description is also known as the Official Full Name on NCBI Gene.
  • myogenic differentiation 1
  • thyroid peroxidase
  • breast cancer 1, early onset
miRBase IdentifiersmiRBase accession numbers are the most stable identifiers for microRNA. The miRBase ID, or name, may also be used.
  • miRBase ID: hsa-let-7d, mmu-mir-122
  • Precurser Accession: MI0000065, MI0000256
  • Mature Accession: MIMAT0000065, MIMAT0000246

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Human Eye cDNA EST cDNA clone
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Researchers at the University of Iowa have created a unique resource for research of the human visual system. Containing more than 100,000 expressed sequence tags (ESTs), the Human Eye EST cDNA Collection contains cDNAs derived from tissue types, including RPE and choroid, foveal and macular retina, whole retina, optic nerve, anterior segment, lens, and fetal eye.


  • > 100,000 EST clones represent appoximately 15,000 genes that are expressed in the human eye
  • Multiple types of eye tissue are represented in the collection
  • All clones in this collection were constructed using the pT7T3D-Pac vector with a modified polylinker and are ampicillin resistant
  • The host used in construction was E. coli DH10B
Shelf Life12 Months
Shipping ConditionAmbient
Storage Condition-80 C

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Clones are provided as ready-to-use live culture in 2 mL tubes. Each tube contains LB medium supplemented with 8% glycerol and the appropriate antibiotic. Within 4 to 6 days of receiving your order, we will ship your clone at room temperature via express delivery. Store the stock clone at -80°C.

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Orders of 50 clones or greater are provided in 96-well microtiter plates. These will ship on dry-ice via overnight delivery and should be stored at -80°C immediately upon receipt. Please contact our customer service department for a quote and estimated shipping time on bulk orders.


  1. T. E. Scheetz et al., Large-scale gene discovery in human airway epithelia revelas novel transcripts. Physiological Genomics. 17(1), 69-77 (12 March 2004).


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