Human, mouse, rat, and bovine cDNAs from the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)
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Gene IDThe Gene ID is a unique identifying number for each gene in the RefSeq database and tends to be the most stable gene identifier.
  • 672
  • 22421
Accession NumberAccession Numbers are identifiers for a sequence record. The preferred accession numbers for RNAi products are found in the Reference Sequence (RefSeq) database, a non-redundant, curated, and annotated collection of sequence records for major model organisms. RefSeq accession numbers for mRNA begin with the characters NM_ or XM_ followed by six or nine digits. For gene expression products, the GenBank accession number for the clone can also be used for more specific search results.
  • NM_001798
  • NM_001170537
  • BC068303
Gene SymbolThe Gene Symbol can be the official or alternate symbol as displayed on NCBI Gene.
  • BRCA1
  • CDK1
  • CTNNB1
Gene DescriptionThe Gene Description is also known as the Official Full Name on NCBI Gene.
  • myogenic differentiation 1
  • thyroid peroxidase
  • breast cancer 1, early onset
miRBase IdentifiersmiRBase accession numbers are the most stable identifiers for microRNA. The miRBase ID, or name, may also be used.
  • miRBase ID: hsa-let-7d, mmu-mir-122
  • Precurser Accession: MI0000065, MI0000256
  • Mature Accession: MIMAT0000065, MIMAT0000246

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ProductCatalog Number 
MGC Sequence Verified-Human
MHS6278 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Mouse cDNA (IRAV+IRAW)
MMM1013 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Mouse cDNA (IRQL)
MMM4769 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Mouse cDNA (IRQM)
MMM4772 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC PCR-Rescued Human cDNA
MHS1768 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Human cDNA (IRAT)
MHS1010 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Human cDNA (IRAU)
MHS1011 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Human cDNA (IRCM)
MHS4426 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Human cDNA (IRQL)
MHS4768 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Human cDNA (IRQM)
MHS4771 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Bovine cDNA
MBT4353 glycerol stock - $96.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Rat cDNA
MRN1768 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Rat cDNA (IRQL)
MRN4770 glycerol stock - $110.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Rat cDNA (IRQM)
MRN4776 glycerol stock - $110.00select
Full  genome-scale MGC cDNAs libraries for human, mouse, and rat from the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC). Developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), this represents the most extensive collection of mammalian cDNA clones available.


  • MGC cDNA sequences are deposited in GenBank, and the clones can be purchased
  • Genome-scale coverage for human, mouse, rat, and cow
  • Shipped as a live bacterial culture containing plasmid of interest
  Human Mouse Rat Bovine
Total MGC Full ORF Clones 29,818 27,285 6,763 9,104
Non-redundant genes 17,592 17,701 6,486 8,724


New - MGC Sequence Verified Human cDNA Clones

Now offering Sequence Verified Human MGC cDNAs from the Mammalian Gene Collection.   This is the same collection developed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) but clone identities have now been sequence verified .  This provides our customers with the most extensive and rigorously verified collection of mammalian cDNA clones available.

Human MGC cDNA Highlights

  • Based on valued customer feedback, we initiated a re-sequencing effort with the goal of confirming the BC Accession identity of the clones in the Human MGC collection.
  • As a result of this sequencing effort, we now provide the most accurate Human  MGC cDNA clone collection on the market
  • The newly verified cDNA clones are now available with the catalog prefix MHS6278
  • If your human MGC clone does not have a catalog number starting with MHS6278, it has not yet been included in the re-sequencing effort and can still be located under the MGC Fully Sequenced offering (contact us for assistance -

Custom cDNA Libraries

Custom libraries are available. Please email requests to Technical Support, or call 1-800-235-9880. International customers, please call 303-604-9499 or your local Sales Representative.

About the MGC

The goal of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC), a trans-NIH initiative, is to provide researchers with unrestricted access to sequence-validated full-length protein-coding (FL-CDS) cDNA clones for human, mouse, and rat genes. In 2005, the project added the cow cDNAs generated by Genome Canada.

MGC clones initially were obtained by random EST-screening of cDNA libraries. Starting in 2004, MGC used transcript-specific RT-PCR cloning to isolate cDNAs for genes not represented in MGC. Finally, between 2006 and 2009, MGC employed DNA synthesis methods to provide FL-CDS clones for human and mouse genes still absent from the collection.

All MGC sequences are deposited in GenBank, and the clones can be purchased. You can use "A Guide to Finding Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) Clones and Evaluating Their Sequence" to assist in determining whether MGC cDNA clones for human, mouse, or rat genes and transcripts of interest are available for purchase or sequence investigation.

With the conclusion of the MGC project in March 2009, the GenBank records of MGC sequences were frozen, without further updates. Since the definition of what constitutes a full-length coding region for some of the genes and transcripts for which we have MGC clones will likely change in the future, users planning to order MGC clones will need to monitor for these changes. Users can make use of genome browsers and gene-specific databases, such as the UCSC Genome browser, NCBI’s Map Viewer, and Entrez Gene, to view the relevant regions of the genome (browsers) or gene-related information (Entrez Gene).


GE Healthcare Dharmacon (“Dharmacon”) is a distributor of multiple gene expression clone collections (cDNAs and ORFs). These clone collections were generated by groups outside of Dharmacon and thus the quality of the collections is largely dependent upon what Dharmacon received from these groups. Specific clone information and plate coordinates were provided to Dharmacon by the suppliers of these clone collections. Dharmacon has not sequence verified each individual clone from these collections. These collections and individual clones are distributed "as is" with no additional product validation or guarantees. Dharmacon has established quality procedures to ensure that individual clones are picked from the identified well in a plate, grown on the correct antibiotic, and are free of phage contamination. Due to the quality of the information provided to Dharmacon, the clone you receive might not match the expected clone. If this occurs, please contact Technical Support (

Shelf Life12 Months
Shipping ConditionAmbient
Storage Condition-80 C

Individual clones:

Clones are provided as a live culture in a 2 mL tube. Each tube contains LB medium supplemented with 8% glycerol and the appropriate antibiotic. Within 1-2 business days of receiving your order we will ship your clone at room temperature via express delivery. Store the stock clone at –80°C.


Orders of 50 clones or greater and stock plates will be provided in 96-well microtiter plates. These will ship on dry-ice via overnight delivery and should be stored at –80°C immediately upon receipt. Please email our customer service department, or call 1-800-235-9880 for a quote and estimated shipping time on bulk orders.


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