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    Tools and Calculators

    Online tools for checking specificity of CRISPR target sequences, analyzing primers, identifying microRNA seed matches and performing other useful calculations.

    Gene editing


    CRISPR RNA configurator

    Generate custom synthetic crRNA sequences for use with the Edit-R Gene Engineering System and swiftly be on your way to gene knockouts!


    CRISPR specificity analysis

    A fast, flexible specificity evaluator for CRISPR target sites.

    Primer design and analysis


    Tm calculator

    Analyzes the Tm, MW and extinction coefficient of a primer, and gives dilution instructions.


    Multiple primer analyzer

    Analyzes different features of multiple primers simultaneously, e.g. Tm, GC content, dimer formation etc.

    Biochemical conversions


    OD conversion

    Calculates DNA and RNA concentrations based on measured OD260 values.


    DNA copy number calculator

    Calculates copy numbers for DNA originating from different organisms.

    RNAi screening


    siRNA and transfection reagent calculators

    Estimate quantities of siRNA/microRNA and DharmaFECT needed for siRNA screens

    siRNA seed locator


    siRNA seed locator

    This web-based tool is available to the scientific community in consideration of the on-going efforts to develop intelligent and effective tools for selecting viable siRNA candidates and advancing the rational design of such.


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