RNAi Ancillary Reagents

RNAi Ancillary Reagents

Complete your experiment with all necessary ancillary reagents, including buffers, water, and specialized cell culture media.

5X siRNA Buffer

Appropriate for resuspension and long-term storage of any short, double-stranded or single-stranded synthetic RNA molecule, including modified and unmodified siRNAs, microRNA Mimics and microRNA Hairpin Inhibitors

RNase-free Water

Molecular Grade RNase-free water for dilution of 5x Buffer

Accell Delivery Media

Accell siRNA delivery media is an enriched, serum-free media specially formulated and optimized for Accell siRNA delivery.

DharmaFECT Cell Culture Reagent

DharmaFECT Cell Culture Reagent (DCCR) is used to dilute DharmaFECT siRNA transfection reagent prior to use in Dharmacon Reverse Transfection format (RTF) siRNA library plates