Lincode Controls

Lincode Controls

Lincode Control siRNA reagents incorporate specificity-enhancing modifications to improve experimental results.

Non-targeting siRNAs are designed with three or more mismatches to every lncRNA and protein-coding transcript in human, mouse, and rat.

GAS5 is a widely expressed lncRNA whose knockdown has been demonstrated in multiple cell lines. If GAS5 expression levels are undetermined in your cell type, the use of ON-TARGETplus positive controls is an alternative method for initial experimental optimization.

Lincode Positive Control siRNA Species Catalog #
Lincode GAS5 Control siRNA H D-001310-01
Lincode GAS5 Control Pool H D-001310-10
Lincode Negative Control siRNA Species Catalog #
Lincode Non-targeting Control siRNAs H,M,R D-001320-0X
Lincode Non-targeting Pool H,M,R D-001320-10

H=human, M=mouse, R=rat. X=1, 2, 3, or 4